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Ingram Micro is an online reseller that takes pride in its reseller programs. Some initial objective presented to our team was to create a global design customized for each country within desktop and mobile.

Redefining the initial objective based on research findings to ensure that the solution I delivered met the needs of our target audience.


  • Design the new B2B and corporate site using Sketch and Invision. Design new processes for our 25,000 partners in more than 30 countries. Help channel partners to establish, expand, and grow their business by creating intuitive best of class user experiences.
  • Collaborate with customers, partners, peers, and stakeholders to understand opportunities and identify key customer experience.
  • Collect product & business requirements, defining the scope of work, creating user flows, wireframes in Sketch to communicate UX concepts. 
  • Customize the design for each country, being aware of cultural and regional differences and taking steps to create a solution that is relevant and tailored to each market.

The Deliverables

My high-fidelity prototype was a success. By focusing on the navigation, membership signup process, and exclusive showcase page and product pages, I was able ensure that the most important aspects of the site was optimized for the users’ helping it stand out in the reseller space.



• User Flows
• Lo-fi phase
• Wireframes
• Usability Testing/AB Tests using adobe analytics
• Summary of user tests, as needed
• Final Design
• Clickable prototypes
• Demo/walkthrough with PM
• Documentation
• Analytics
• On-page tracking using FullStory
• In-page customer survey’s

Competitive analysis was a crucial part of any redesign project, as it allows me to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both my own design and the designs of my competitors. By comparing our site to other players in the reseller space, I was able to identify areas where I could improve and make our site stand out.


Through this analysis, I was able to see what features were missing in our design and what our competitors were offering. I used this information to make informed decisions about what features to include and what design elements to prioritize.


It was also important to keep in mind that competitive analysis is not just about copying the competition, but rather using their strengths as a starting point to create a unique design that was tailored to our specific users and goals.



Creating the design library

By creating a design library, I ensured consistency in the look and feel of our designs, which helped to create a more coherent and recognizable user experience. Additionally, having a design library in place helped us to streamline the design process and improve collaboration between the design and development teams, as everyone has access to a common set of assets, styles, and guidelines. By using a design library, the team worked more efficiently, with less time spent on manual updates and fewer inconsistencies in the final product.



I tackled the site first to serve two primary goals.  First, to understand the space in which to develop the framework for a new version of the marketplace from a technology and design. Second, focused on making sustainable choices and show immediate value to our stakeholders. 



The homepage needed to be visually appealing to entice the user into diving into whatever piece of content they find most interesting.  To achieve this, I strived for a balance of showing a good range of content immediately.


Category Page 

I made sure the content was arranged in strictly chronological order by default, also marking some specific posts as “Featured”, in order to specifically call them out on any category page.  


New York – Harvey Communication Measurement Award, in recognition for advertising, which achieved outstanding readership response.

October Top Honors at MarCom Awards!

October “Gold Award” “The Retirement Re-Inspired” campaign.

February USB Marketing Employee Recognition “innovation winner” for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Mobile App.

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