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Optum Project Detail


I was involved in building a new data streaming tool called Kafka, which aims to make real-time data flow the default in an organization. The tool is designed to support mission-critical use cases with guaranteed ordering, zero message loss, and efficient exactly-once processing. I have had been working on a new user interface for the tool, which will be released soon and may be helpful for both experienced and novice Kafka developers.

I conducted research on our company’s competitors in order to evaluate their products and services, as well as identified industry trends. This allowed me to compare our own offerings and identify areas where we could improve.

Support / feedback:

Designed the Contact Support Button component where visitors can use the feedback buttons for addressing different issues like reporting bugs, usability issues, suggesting new features, filling in surveys about what works well (and not so well) while visiting the website. 

My goal was to make the feedback/support buttons as simple as possible.