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MLB/ Project Detail

Requirements ppt:

Overview: is an online portal for patrons to purchase tickets for major league baseball games. I was hired to design a new shopping portal along with documenting all user profiles.

I started with user research, redefining their information architecture, and building wireframes and prototypes.

  • Due to time restrictions on the project (3 day turnaround) we used our interview data and research. and created one persona for the type of fan that would use the application. With the application already being created but lacking a way of creating an account, we asked user’s questions on how they would approach account creation. These answers, with the research gave a clear understanding of their goals and expectations when using creating an account and setting up their ballpark application.
Next steps:

During the  research phase of this project, I conducted a competitive analysis of other websites/apps that are similar to the MLB Ballpark App. I researched applications that have similar interfaces and a strong brand. From this, we found features of each brand that stood out and tested these features in our user interviews. Through these interviews, we were able to find features and details that our users wanted to be integrated and the emotions they display when using the app. We wrote these features onto post-its and affinity mapped the details to synthesize trends and avoid assumptions. From this, we are able to determine the personas and target audience for our mobile integration:

White Board:
Simplifying the interface and improve navigation.
Make call to actions (CTAs) more prominent.


Site map:
With the white board design decisions in mind, I put together a site map for the key pages in the flow.

Low Fidelity Prototype:  
I presented the wireframes to my director. He liked the overall idea for the user experience. The next thing to do was design a beautiful UI to finish up the project. My goal was to design pages that followed the patterns of MLB, while still being creative in order to make the UI really stand out.

High Fidelity Prototype: