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Microsoft Support Site

Team: Sofia Matamales

Role: Lead Designer

Tools: Figma, Jira, Teams

Timeframe: 5 months

Role: Create pages to help Maximize uptime and mitigate risks with on-demand assessments that give users control of their IT health.

Create one intuitive, data-driven, measurable and interactive user experience across all support pages. Starting with user flow.

The Deliverable

I enhanced the customer experience by analyzing user behavior, identifying growth opportunities, and applying design-thinking to deliver best-in-class solutions by providing an easier path for analytics regarding their time to deliver support.

  • Focused on user study groups to help define user flow.
  • Empathized with my users
  • Defined the users’ needs, their problems, and my insights
  • Created ideas for innovative solutions

Deliverables For DesignSprint
• User Flows
• Lo-fi phase
• Wireframes
• Usability Testing/AB Tests
• Summary of user tests, as needed
• Final Design
• Clickable prototypes
• Demo/walkthrough with PM
• Documentation


In order to properly cater to our users, the team wanted to ask these questions in our user studies.

What is currently broken for the users and how should we fix it? What parts of the product don’t work quite as the users might expect them to? What are the unmet user needs in the product experience? What parts of the product experience could bring more analytics to the user.

Large focus on data visualization

Final Design