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MetLife Project Detail

Metlife Goals:
MetLife Design Presentation:
Social Media Documentation:


Strengthen content and create simpler user experience for MetLife’s Sales portal.

Visually appealing
Create a cohesive and consistent design throughout all tiers. Make sure private/advisor have easy access to the MLI. .. either from or from other sources. 

Product Information
Update the structure and the literature made available online. Focus on the amount of product detail and performance data. 

Advisors Sales Prospecting Materials
Update product literature, prospecting materials and sales presentations & campaigns. 

Education Resources
Update our interactive tools and calculators.

Advisor Sales Tools
Focus on accessibility and usability of illustrations, interactive/ planning tools and calculators.

Client Transaction Capabilities
Tools accessibility upon login. Interface design and overall us­ability.

Next steps:
  • Review Annuity product and campaign content and static file metrics for November-December 2009 time frame. I didn’t have access to the September or October metrics due to a log file issue that we corrected at the end of October. Regarding the static file metrics, I was able to provide banner metrics, but not for image files located on content pages.
  • Revised SPIA/LIG. Also, update individual Fixed Annuity pages. Kept the FA landing page, and then add the individual fixed annuity pages.

High fidelity prototype.

2010 October “Gold Award” for MetLife “The Retirement Re-Inspired” campaign.

2011 February USB Marketing Employee Recognition “innovation winner” for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Mobile App.