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Dell Project Detail


Support Link Requirements Draft:
DSG Design Review:

Worked with Dell during a transition state from Quest Software to DELL software, to build a new B2B product software site. I started with exploring the user research, redefining their information architecture, and building wireframes and prototypes.


Work with DS to understand user needs, build out a functional information architecture for the prototype, and created wireframes to hand off to developers.


1.   Discuss with marketing design elements – get detailed guidance/direction.
2.    Update slide ID1 with “feedback” link next to email, save page, and print
3.   Need to create log-in required page
4.   Need to add “search KB” to Quicklinks
5.  Add “save” button on product and search results pages to allow user to save the results
6.   Slide ID3 need to get rid of “Log-out” and go with site wide/top nav log-in & out 
7.   Need to place “site ID” information next to users name on top of page
8.   My Open Cases on Support Central needs link to “Go to Case Management”
9.   My Open Cases on Support Central needs link to “Go to Case Management”
10.   Need to work through user scenarios related to product vs. KB search
11.   Need to create display page for “Solution” / knowledge article
12.   Send Nico copy of wire frame ppt presentation
13.   Product page needs tab added for “Product Lifecycle Table”

Next steps:
  • I met with Dev to go through each requirement and each wireframe page.
  • Made sure Dev had the requirements (functional components) based upon: need more information.
  • Set-up weekly status review discussions with Dev to review the weekly tasks, issues, next steps, etc.
  • Designed wireframes for initial annotations for review.
  • Had discussions with marketing, Dev and support to discuss shared components

Site Map: Sitemap License keys/ for another division of Quest:
When developing the sitemap,
I considered which sections and
the information that would likely be accessed most frequently. 

PPT: Low Fidelity Prototype 
I kept a solid vision of the information
architecture to keep it consistent
throughout the wireframes.
Migrated quest content over to the
new layout. Then updated with DS
Launched the site with the team in the office at 3:00 am in the morning.

High Fidelity Prototype: