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About Sofia Matamales

About Sofia Matamales

UI/UX Lead Product Designer

A summary of my skills and expertise in the field of product design.

I have a strong understanding of the various elements that go into creating a successful user experience, from user research to design systems. My focus is on design thinking and user needs by having a user-centered approach to design, which is important in creating products that people love and want to use. I see myself as a critical thinker, trend finder, strategist, and collaborator highlighting my ability to not only create beautiful and functional designs, but also to approach design challenges from a strategic perspective and work effectively with others.

Experience in: UI/UX Design, Wireframe Production –FIGMA / SKETCH / INVISION, Abstract, Miro, (CSS), HTML, JS, WordPress, Magento, Drupal & Photoshop. Usability Testing, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, User Research & Persona Creation, Web Site Strategy & Analytics.