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MLB/ Project Detail

Requirements ppt:


To enhance the customer experience, my approach was to conduct user research, analyze user behavior, and understand the pain points in the current design. I also looked at industry trends and best practices to create a design that was intuitive and streamlined. The ultimate goal was to create a seamless, data-driven and measurable shopping and checkout experience that was user-friendly and efficient. I used a design thinking approach to create wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity mockups, testing the design with real users and making iterative improvements until it met the needs of the target audience. The final deliverables included the redesigned shopping and checkout pages, a comprehensive design system, and detailed user profiles documenting the target audience and their behaviors and needs.

Created 3d mapping using illustrator, photoshop and other tools for stadiums / venues for their 3D Digital offerings on their Seat Management Portal.

Account Creation Objectives:

  • Due to time restrictions on the project we used our interview data and research. and created one persona for the type of fan that would use the application. With the application already being created but lacking a way of creating an account, we asked user’s questions on how they would approach account creation. With this information, our team was able to create an account creation process that was both simple and efficient for the user. The new design was intuitive, user-friendly, and incorporated best practices in UX design. It made it easy for the user to create an account, manage their profile, and purchase tickets. The checkout process was streamlined and made it easier for users to purchase tickets quickly and securely. The result was a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and increased ticket sales.

Next Steps:

During the  research phase of this project, I conducted a competitive analysis of other websites/apps that are similar to the MLB Ballpark App. This helped to improve the user experience and made the site more accessible for users on all devices, including desktop and mobile devices. The improved design also provided a more intuitive and engaging user experience, which helped to drive customer loyalty and increase repeat ticket purchases. Overall, the redesign of the shopping and checkout pages was a great success, and it helped to deliver an excellent experience for’s patrons.

White Boarding

I simplified the interface and improved navigation by white boarding (CTAs). This helped guide users to take the desired action on the site, whether it’s to create an account, purchase tickets, or manage their profile. By making the CTAs more prominent, the design encouraged the user to take action, resulting in a more efficient and satisfying experience. Additionally, simplifying the interface and improving navigation helped make it easier for users to find what they are looking for and complete their tasks on the site. This lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and potential repeat usage


Site Map

The site map helped to clearly outline the structure and hierarchy of the website and its various pages, providing a roadmap for the design and development teams. It also helped to ensure that all key pages were accounted for and that the user journey was optimized for ease of use and a seamless experience. The site map was a critical component in ensuring the successful redesign of the website, helping to align all stakeholders on the vision and goals for the project.

High Fidelity Prototype